July 31, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was packed with fun adventures just the way I like it.
My weekend included the Nation Wide Golf Tournament at Willow Creek complete with free lunch, a joke from an Australian golfer about my big straw hat (I like your hat did you bring one for her?) and my favorite…
The treat tent, which is full of my favorite candy and snacks. 
My next adventure was a trip to the capitol for an outdoor showing of Despicable Me.  This movie is amazing and I especially love the theme song.  I even talked my best friend into walking around memorial grove while we waited, and of course played some heated rounds of catch phrase due to my competitive nature. 

Saturday included an amazing day of boating with the Rowley Family.  I got the best water of the summer and it definitely reinforced my love for water skiing.  It was an amazing day and I shared it with all the people I really care about.  Thanks Rowley Family!
Then I went on a bike ride to pick up forgotten groceries for homemade snicker bars- best dessert ever! 
Went to dinner at a new favorite-Mandarin Garden.
Watched family videos with two of my best friends and then dragged them along to visit a great friend working at a snow shack, and playing on the playground at Liberty Park.  I never knew Liberty Park was so fun.  They had a music section, a mini replica of the Utah canyons, and an old run down Ferris wheel- so much fun!   I love summer weekends!

July 29, 2011

Fabulous Friend's

I have the best friends in the entire universe!
They take me to birthday dinners and put up with my problem of making decisions.
Why is it that I always have so many ideas of new and different restaurants, but when I actually get to pick one my mind draws a blank. 
After driving around, changing my mind a million times,
Surfing the web, we ended up at…..
The reliable and delicious PARADISE BAKERY!
I was not disappointed! It was so good. 
Thanks again to some of my amazing friends who could come.

I also had a great opportunity to reunite with some of the people that have changed my life at the LAST BLAST! 
It was put on by Lambda Delta Sigma and Sigma Gamma Chi and was the last party they will ever be throwing.
It was probably the best party I have ever been to and I am going to miss Gamma so much!  Gamma has blessed me with some of my very best friends and 50 girls who I love and look up to in so many ways.  Words can’t express how much I truly came to love the program of Lambda Delta Sigma, and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for bringing it into my life.  This program truly did bring me nearer to my Savior and helped me move one step closer to the daughter of God I hope to become.
Anyways…since it was the last party, I decided not to hold back and I did everything there was to do…
ü  Red Robin catering, Snowies, and Sub Zero.
ü  Lambda Delta Sigma memorabilia (I took copies of my favorite songs-
“Be of Good Cheer”, and “Come unto Him” I can’t wait to sing them to my children, and I will miss our circle singing time) I also took a tie for the costume closet. 
ü  Having fun on all of the blow up toys, gladiator fight with chase, and attempting the water ones with Jessica Wright.
ü  Mechanical bull ride, destroying a car! Watching a flash mob, and a proposal.
ü  And last but not least- The best dance party ever!
Thanks Lambda Delta Sigma and Sigma Gamma Chi!

July 24, 2011

An Unforgettable Sabbath

Over the weekend I had the great opportunity to attend two amazing weddings.
 The two beautiful brides were Megan Heinz and Melissa Whittingham. 
Both of the weddings were incredible with adorable decorations and scenery, great food, and unforgettable dresses. 

Then we had our last gamma date night at Classic Skating.  Not very many gamma girls showed up but we combined with Alpha to make for a great party. 
I am not going to lie...I kind of enjoyed not a lot of people. 
More space on the rink meant more room to speed race, dance like a fool, requesting our favorite songs one after another, and Jesse and me doing cool tricks on skates. 

This weekend also included two rounds of golf, a bike ride, two amazing firework shows, catching up with friends who I miss dearly, a Bees game, and a Mission Farewell.

My uncle, a member of the first quorum of the 70, Michael T. Ringwood, his wife Rosalie, and son Spencer are heading to Japan.  Their farewell was today and all I can say is that I am truly blessed with amazing family to look up to.  The sacrament meeting was filled with inspiring doctrine, and the spirit was strong enough to pierce my soul.  I learned so much about how I can improve my life by looking steadfastly toward Heaven.   I must develop faith in order to remember the blessings God has given me, which will help lead me to action in renewing my testimony and seeking to understand God’s will in
order to make it my own! 
Today I am committing to myself and to my Savior that I will…
  • v Pray earnestly multiple times a day- this includes every meal.
    v Read and search the scriptures daily by having at least a 15-minute devotional with my Savior, and truly learning the doctrinal topics of the gospel.
    v Studying the attributes and life of my Savior and developing the same qualities in mine.
    v Going to the temple weekly.
    v Performing my church calling to the fullest.
    v Serving others and keeping the spirit with me at all times.
    All of these things will help me gain a true understanding of God’s plan for me and in my heart I will continue to gain a testimony that will lead to righteous actions.  I sincerely want to commit to this list even once my teaching career starts and truly show my devotion to my Savior. 

July 21, 2011

Bear Lake Baby

A list of wishes I completed to make my 23rdBirthday

1.  Welcoming and Ending the big day while playing two well played games of ROOK with my cousins, being sung quiet happy birthday in 4 part harmony 3 times (due to the late night games), and watching commercials on I phones in between hands- this one being the winner for bringing the most laughs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd8ppk0UCx8

2.  Waking up to my sweet father giving me a head massage, and telling me he and Blake were taking me to a birthday breakfast.  Then, after rolling out of bed to make it before the boy’s golf tournament, I found a box of wheat thins, Benjamin Franklin in dollar form, and a note from my dad. La Beau's was our breakfast destination and while we waited my dad bought me yet another present- Bear Lake Raspberry Syrup!

3.  Taking a relaxing bike ride around Bear Lake on a rented beach cruiser.
4.  Climbing a palm tree in a dress and running shoes- stylish I know.
5.  Lime Rickey Sherbet- only at Bear Lake, Ideal Beach Resort- its Tradition!
6.  Taking the boat out and tubing in Bear Lake white caps complete with hail.

7.  Coming back to my condo to find my amazing mother had decorated it for
me.  Then I discovered more presents and cards!
8.  Going into the condo for dinner- being surprised with amazing cupcakes and once again the birthday song sung by all of my extended family and a quick photo shoot encouraged by my aunts.

9.  While praying for good weather in order to have my birthday night ski           
a storm occurred- My family and I braved the storm to take our boat out.  They were the biggest waves I have ever ridden but so much fun, and I successfully drove the boat onto the trailer.

10.  Then a pool stop with all my cousins.  Took little kids down the slide, played football, and sat in the hot tub for hours.  I love my family.
11.  Showered the chlorine off, went rollerblading, and got a 15 run rally with my cousin Andrew Garrett in “glow in the dark badminton.”

12.  Many birthday texts and calls from my incredible friends and family.  I am so blessed with many people who love me, and who I deeply love back.         I truly love everyone in my life and am grateful for their influence and making my special day the best reality ever!   

I have been a bear lake baby ever since I can remember.  I love being with my cousins, playing in the golf tournament, and skiing in the great Bear Lake.

July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Parties

Last night my friends and I had a bbq/ Harry Potter Extravaganza.  We played some volleyball (I love playing with people I know and love) ate good food and watched part one of the seventh Harry Potter on an outside projector.  The funny and best part about this whole night was how excited Kylee and I got about our treats we made!   They all ended up looking so cute and were worth the time and effort we put into making them.  My favorite quote of the night…. “Wow! You two really are going to start your own bakery someday!”  Can’t wait for that dayJ 
Love you Kylee and I can’t wait for the midnight premiere.

Every premiere is better when you share it with a die-hard fan! 

The Premiere- full of people watching and an amazing show!