October 16, 2011


 Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the fall colors and the fresh crisp air.  I enjoy Sunday walks with my family.  I find myself constantly admiring the bright and colorful leaves as I am riding my bike or driving in a car.  My heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness because this earth we live on is amazing!

Beautiful leaves on a Sunday Walk.

I love dressing up in a different costume for every party and I love the candy and sweets that are associated with Halloween.

Nelson Family Party-Great Costumes and Treats
There is so much to do… Haunted houses, forests, and circuses, Frightmares, Witch’s Fest, murder mysteries, carving pumpkins, caramel apples, Halloween guessing games, witches brew, Thriller, a Halloween parade at my school, baking pumpkin things, which I love, and did I mention dressing up and Halloween crafts?  I love dressing up and looking at all the cute Halloween decorations all around.  It is such a fun time and the excitement in my class is brewing.  

Haunted Forest!  Funnest part= slide at the end.

Next Year we are going full out in witch costumes. 

Amidst the spirit of Halloween, today I was reminded of the much more important spirit.  The spirit of the Holy Ghost.  I was able to watch my nieces and nephew perform in their Primary Program today.  While I was waiting for it to start, I began reading the introduction to the Book of Mormon.  The spirit bore witness to me of its truthfulness and the sacrifices that Joseph Smith went through in order for all of us to have the gospel in our lives and the blessings that come from it.  I was watching my younger nephew while we were waiting and to keep him occupied I found a picture of Christ in the front of the Book of Mormon.  I asked him who it was.  To my amazement, a young child of 18 months who can’t speak immediately got a huge smile.  I told him it was Jesus.  My nephew then looked in my eyes and touched the picture and said JESUS.  The spirit was so strong and I recognized that becoming like a child is truly something we all need to strive for.  My nephew was so happy his binky fell right out of his mouth, and I knew and felt of my Savior’s love for me and my nephew. I, too, love my Savior and need to be more excited when I say his name and share His gospel with others.   Thanks Jamesie for your example. 

October 6, 2011

Unrewarded Service

Last weekend I had the opportunity to listen to all four sessions of General Conference.  I was touched by every talk and they all made an impact on my life.  I am so grateful for the spirit in my life and for the personal revelation I was able to receive.  As I watch and listen to General Conference, I am reminded how much I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  There is no doubt in my mind of the truthfulness of this gospel and the fact that we are blessed to have modern day revelation to help us stay on the path of righteousness and return to our Savior again.  I know that my Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ love me, and that is why they provide so many tools that I can utilize to remind me of why I am here and that I am never alone in this wicked world. With the light of the gospel I will find my way through the darkness back to the light of Christ and embrace Him once again.

Thank you to the Prophet, Apostles, and General Authorities for their preparation. Conference was truly amazing and your service, although unrewarded, is cherished in the lives of all Latter-day Saints.

Another Act of Service was Jennifer Jones offering me free advise on life and inviting me to come up to visit her in Provo.  We attended a very lucky game at the football stadium in Provo, and a fun filled night ending in words of wisdom from the most knowledgeable Jennifer Jones.  Thanks Ferf!

Service seems to be everywhere now that I am trying to become better at serving.  My mother, sister and brother served me on Saturday morning.  Following my wishes, my mom and sister loaded the boat all by themselves at the crack of dawn in order for me, Blake, my mom, and Makenzie to have the blessing of taking the boat out for one last time.  We woke up early to go before Conference, but due to a huge traffic jam, we were blessed to listen to the whole first session on the beautiful lake with absolutely no distraction. We just floated for 2 hours.  It was a tender mercy. Then we all got to have an amazing ski and wakeboard, and we were still able to hear every speaker of the second session.  The spirit was so strong and the love I have for my family increased as we listened in silence and grew stronger with one another as we tuned in to the words that were blasting through the speakers on our boat.  My friend said it best, “Waterskiing and Conference…My perfect day!”

Last, but not least!  As I was teaching today, I had a mother helper in my class.  During an activity, the lunch clerk came in and handed me a note that said one of my students could only have a roll, fruit and milk for lunch due to a long overdue negative balance.  I expressed my concern because this student keeps telling me her mom says that they don’t have money and they should be getting free lunch.  The lunch lady tells me to get them a form to fill out and leaves the room. Then my mother helper left but shortly reentered the room and whispered in my ear, “I made a donation for the lunch account of your student, so take the paper away that says she can’t have lunch.”  I was immediately overcome with the spirit and was so impressed with the generosity of this woman.  I know they are L.D.S. because of comments her daughter has made and I suddenly was filled with great pride for my Christian religion.  The impact of this woman of God will never be forgotten and provided me with an example of what I should become.  Thanks for your anonymous service! You will be rewarded in Heaven.
An exciting side-note! One of my very best friends, Whitney Hammond MacFarlane is pregnant! Right when I found out, I was overwhelmed with the spirit and had goose bumps the entire rest if the night.  I came home and cried in my mother’s arms.  I am so happy for Whitney and John and know they will be amazing parents.  Knowing Whitney has blessed me, and her child is very lucky.  She is the most amazing, beautiful, spiritual and kind daughter of God ever!  Love you Whit and Congrats!
Her cute costume, she was a pregnancy test!