June 25, 2012

Summer Lovin!

It is now summer break and I am living the dream!
To kick off my summer I spent the day with one of my best friends, Kristin.  She was sealed to the love of her life,Bo, in the Salt Lake Temple.  She was a gorgeous bride, and I loved spending time with them at the temple, Lion House for a luncheon, and Wheeler Farm at an amazing reception.  Congrats you two, good luck in Louisiana.

 My sister Makenzie graduated from BRIGHTON HIGH SCHOOL.  She is headed to BYU in the fall and I am going to miss her like crazy.  We have been best friends since the day that my mom said she was having a baby girl.  Congrats Kenz!  Good luck in Cougar town.

The Delicious Bonsai

 Then my family and I headed to Lake Powell.  We had some House Boat problems but nothing can stop Lake Powell from being the best vacation in the world!

The Sand Dunes filled with flips and jumps.

Slip and Slide and swimming.

Skiing and washing our hair.
 Then I had a couple of fun camping trips with my favorite boys in the world.  A couple nights spent without sleep but it was worth it.  I have been busy with family showers, birthday parties, Father’s Day, boating, dance recitals, golfing, playing with babies, and enjoying my summer off!
We forgot the matches so the lantern was the next best solution.

Backpacking at silver lake!

Hammocks and chili cans opened with knives.

Visiting Hadley MacFarlane

Eden's first time boating

I didn't get the silly face memo.

Elizabeth's wedding shower.
 Brady and Taisja are in  town and we spent Saturday playing tennis, bowling, going on the Alpine Slide and Coaster( in which I almost died because my seat belt failed to hold me up around the sharp curve).  Ending the day with CafĂ© Rio hit the spot. 

I have loved spending time with this little girl and her parents!

Happy Father's Day to the best Father's in the world!