November 6, 2011


“Relax” is a word I thought no longer existed in my vocabulary.  It feels as if I have been going at full steam since August and now it is already November (snow included). 

Last week was parent teacher conferences and I was able to talk to all but one of my student’s parents.  It was a lot of work and my voice was shot, but it was so fun telling parents about their amazing children.
I am so grateful for the job that I have and I love being with my students, which makes all my hard work worth it. 
Since parent teachers went so well I decided to take some time to relax, and took moments to slow down my life and remember how amazing it is.
Relaxation List
1.     Going shoe shopping.
2.     Reading a touching note from my amazing younger sister.
3.     Going to the gym.
4.     Dancing in my kitchen.
5.     Two amazing dinners.
6.     Going bowling with my friends, followed by a late night conversation filled with the spirit.

7.     Flat tire dance.
8.     Pondering and watching a church video, which reconfirmed my testimony that the scriptures contain true words that I need to follow.
9.     Getting a pedicure.

10  Making homemade cookies.
11. Recording a Thanksgiving tune.
12  Spending time with my amazing friends and family. 
13. Day lights Savings!
Relaxation YOU felt great and hopefully I will see you again soon!


November 1, 2011

Costume Extravaganza

I know I have said this before, but I seriously love Halloween!  I love all the parties and Halloween food like dinner in a pumpkin and hotdogs wrapped in rolls to create mummies.  I love teaching children who are eager to go trick-or-treating and have adorable costumes.  I love creating art projects, going to haunted houses, watching trick-or-treaters, free candy, going to corn bellies,and having fun with friends and family.

My favorite part of Halloween is the dance parties and dressing up in a new costume for each party! 
I love dressing up and the excitement I find from putting on a costume and stepping into the shoes of a different character. 
My many different costumes…

Greek Goddess

And last but not least...
The Cookie MOnStEr! 

Even though this week is going to be very busy with parent teacher conferences I had the best time celebrating Halloween with my best friends and it was worth every minute! Best dance ever!  Love you!