August 14, 2011

Friends and Family=RELIEF

       My summer is officially over.
I now have a greater appreciation for all of the teachers in my life and for all the work they put into my education.
Last week I started decorating my classroom, and I am feeling a little overwhelmed.
I am so blessed to have amazing friends and family who are willing to help.
It is amazing how much, time, energy and money I have put into my classroom and I hope that I can get everything together before I start.  Plus I know all the effort will be worth it in the end when I can hopefully make an impact on my student’s lives.
Well since I am busy with getting things ready for school I am just going to post some pictures.  I managed to get out of the classroom and house for just a little bit to help try and relieve my stress.  

Took a break to celebrate my sister Makenzie's Birthday!  We went to Utah Lake and skied on white caps it was a blast!  Then we went to the amazing Texas Road House and sang WIcked at the top of our lungs in the Convertible on the way home.   I am so grateful for my sister and for her wonderful example of love and kindness to everyone!  I hope you had a great b-day Kenz, because 17 comes once in a life time!

Took Jesse on a Maxfield family Group Date.    We had a delicious bbq at Nanette's house, played frisbee golf, and had dessert and games after.

Went to the last Gamma activity EVER!  WE got our cute new shirts, took pictures, and caught up on the lives of many wonderful girls.  Even though Gamma is over, the friendships and love in my heart for each girl will never die!

Trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with my nieces and nephews!  I love my family and hate not spending every second with them.  

August 7, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things

My summer is quickly disappearing as we speak.  Even though I am frantically trying to get my classroom together I am still trying to do a few of my favorite things before school starts.

 Playing on playgrounds with my sister.

 Slalom skiing on glassy water.

 Attending weddings of my close friends-I love watching people in love.

Going to water parks even if we get hailed on.

 Surprising a friend at the airport.

Improving my cooking skills at the Viking Cooking School- Rachel Ray watch out!

Playing glow in the dark golf.
Making breakfast with my best friends.
Talking with my friends on the temple grounds.
   Welcoming Home THE JACKSON FAMILY- I love my nieces and nephews.
I don’t think I accomplished all of my summer list, but I can definitely keep trying to pack it in this week!  I have had an amazing summer and truly feel blessed with great friends who are always down for grand adventures

August 2, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Last night for family home evening my family and I decided to go to Silver Lake located at the beloved Alta Ski Resort.  The scenery on the way up was breath taking, and the lake was beautiful as well.  If you ever go, make sure to take bug spray and a sweatshirt because in between each picture Makenzie and I were huddled in blankets.  It was fun to be with my amazing sister and mother, and take the time to appreciate the wonderful nature that Heavenly Father created for all of us to enjoy.   I don’t think there has been a day so far this summer where I haven’t commented on how beautiful and green Utah has been this year because of the rain, and I absolutely love it.  I love surrounding myself with nature and the fresh smell of rain.  There is no better feeling than the peaceful serenity felt in 
The Great Outdoors. 
Plus the night could not have ended better for me! 
I came home with the win in a quick bowling game!