June 30, 2011

Trafalga Fun!

Jesse and I decided to once again take advantage of our pass of all passes.  So we headed to TRAFALGA FUN CENTER!  We got to mini golf outside complete with a mini Abraham Lincoln Memorial.  It was a fun, close game, in which I hate to admit that Jesse beat me by one stroke.  Then best of all we had the privilege of playing laser tag at the biggest laser tag venue in the state of UTAH.  Jesse and I were fortunate enough to be placed on the YELLOW team- (whom might I add had a 12 run winning streak filled with a family who probably had been there every weekend for 5 years straight- so funny)  After the family clued us in on the game plan we were off on our own.  Jesse and I found a nice spot and sniped everyone.  Yellow came out with the win- no thanks to us- but we had so much fun!  
We will be visiting Trafalga again soon, but with more of our best friends.  

June 28, 2011


Yesterday me and some of my guy friends decided to take full advantage of our pass of all passes.  So we hopped in the car and headed to the BRENT BROWN BALL PARK in Orem.  We listened to some music and had a GOOD TIME.  We showed up promptly at 3:45(when Lonestar was supposed to perform) and sat in the hot sun for a hour and a half.  Well as we all know when life gives you lemons... make lemonade.... So my friends and I decided to make up a line dance to no music!  It was amazing and we made the drive totally worth it.  We sang Lonestar at the top of our lungs and faked out another friend pretending like he missed the best concert ever!  Best of all because Lonestar did not show, the parking guy gave me back my five dollars.  Then we invaded my best friend Kylee's house for some amazing dinner, and headed to one of the best nights of the summer TAYLORSVILLE DAYS!!! 
Enjoy our killer country dance!

June 26, 2011

Sabbath Lessons

Today was the first time I had the opportunity to teach RELIEF SOCIETY!  I had a great time planning for the lesson and hope that I was able to be a mouthpiece for the Lord in order to provide answers and revelation for the girls in my ward.  The lesson was on David Bednar's talk Titled THE SPIRIT OF REVELATION.  It is a great talk and I would encourage everyone to read it and apply the revelations they receive after reading it into their lives.  Here is the handout I gave to the girls in my ward.  
Also in Sacrament meeting we had a program on the miraculous life of Joseph Smith.  There were narrations and music, which allowed the spirit to truly pierce my soul.  I am so grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith and my testimony of him was reconfirmed today as we commemorated his martyrdom.  I am grateful for the suffering that he went through in order to restore this church to the earth, and I know that he was inspired of God because he could not have accomplished what he did without the hand of the Lord.  I am grateful for the fact that he was able to bring back the redeeming power of the Lord so that I can actively use it in my life day by day.  I know without a doubt that this church is true and am grateful for the support and guidance it provides in my life. 

June 24, 2011

It's Official!

Butterflies are beginning to swirl in my stomach as I look around at an empty room.  Decoration ideas begin to flood my mind.  The excitement of creating a classroom where children will enter my door with a love of learning and for me.  Ideas of lesson plans race through my mind realizing I have so much to do.  BECAUSE.....

June 19, 2011

Family Excitement

Spending TIME with Family has been so much fun,
Laughing, crying, and thinking we're number one.
Learning from the examples my siblings share with me,
Inspiring me to become better, and helping me to see.
That creating a family should be my ultimate goal,
Focusing on Christ to warm each others soul.
Being blessed with a family strong and true,
and an everlasting covenant to bind us through and through. 
 My amazing brother working hard at the hospital!

Heidi and Matthew taking me many fun places, and teaching me how to run a successful family!
Catching crabs at Duck Beach with Blake. 
He included me in all his plans, and I had a blast- even though I was the cook!
He even rented beach cruisers for me for a day!
Playing with my nieces and nephews in Powell is the best memory yet! 
 Daring each other to slide down the slide in our pajamas at night.

Due to some bad luck at Powell, we were sent home early.  I was lucky enough to tag along with the Jackson Family and got to go to the Dinosaur Museum, Fiesta Fun, and The Little Mermaid at Tuacahn.

How can you be unhappy with a family like mine.  Thanks again for all you do for me and for truly helping me become a better person.
AND now for the most exciting news of the week.... After devouring a fortune cookie from BRADY AND TAISJA (and straight from the factory in San Fran might I add...)
   That's right!  B-RADY is finally going to be a DADDY!  Congratulations to you both I know that you will make a beautiful baby and will be the greatest parents ever!