April 28, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week Fun!

This past week was teacher appreciation week at my school.
It was the greatest thing I have experienced in a long time.
I am so grateful to be at the school I am at!  I have the greatest students and PTA! 
They make my life amazing!
The PTA gave us passports (where we traveled somewhere new every day) that we had to stamp each day to make sure we enjoyed all the things they planned.  Then on Friday they had a drawing, but I did not win.
Monday= Hawaiian included Jamba juice, a free lay, and my students wearing my favorite color, turquoise.
Tuesday= Italian theme which included all sorts of yummy sweet breads, a hand massage in the teacher’s lounge, and my students bringing me my favorite candy…

Wednesday=Mexican theme with an extra long lunch period, cafe rio salads, and a bag with popcorn and a gift card to see a movie! 
While I was gone my class made me a book with little notes and their pictures!  I will cherish it forever.
Thursday=Bagels and cream cheese and my students brought me beautiful flowers!
Friday=Danish theme with 10 different delicious desserts to choose from, and classroom supplies from my students!

As you can see it was an amazing and crazy busy week!  A lot of good food and probably a few pounds gained, but it was totally worth it. 
And now to top of the great week..
The WAM Dance
My ward had a women ask man dance, and everyone was encouraged to attend!  Paige Hamilton and I decided we wanted to have some fun in our lives so we asked some dates.  It was Sadie Hawkins theme and we decided on PROM!  It was a great night filled with: dinner, the Newly Dating game (my date and I won a round resulting in an I tunes gift card), pictures, and dancing with the amazing DJ Corey Maxfield.  The night ended with intense ping-pong games, and 2 on 2 volleyball!  It was a great night! 
Thanks Warren for being such a great date!

I also had the chance to go to a Jazz Game on Thursday and eat dinner and dessert in a Suite with my amazing grandfather, sister, mother, and some of my other extended family! The half time show was amazing which included a girl flipping on a bouncy beam type thing while two strong men held the ends!
The Jazz pulled out with the win!  GO JAZZ!

April 15, 2012

Belated Update

And the worst blogger award goes too.....

I have not updated my blog forever.  Every time I have free time the last thing I want to do is blog.  I find myself catching up on other people's blogs and looking at cute pictures instead of doing my own.  SO I finally decided to bite the bullet because my blog has basically become my scrapbook and journal. So be prepared for a lot of pictures, and reminiscing about the four months of my life.

Taking the Jackson's to the Living Aquarium

Zoo Lights on New Years

Ivy's Blessing

Cutest Young Women Activity Ever.  I came out of the temple and found this lovely surprise on my car.

Jessica Gordon's Wedding Shower

Valentine Sock Hop at my school!

My Dad's Birthday dinner at Blue Lemon

Legit St. Patrick's Day Party

Hanging out with my nieces and nephews!  They also came to visit me at school.  Thanks Jackson's I loved seeing you, and I appreciate the help Jocelyn.

Kristin Brimhall's Shower

City Creek visit when Brady, Taisja, and Eden were in town

More zoo lights, and a great late night tandem bike ride.

Sundance 2012

Riley Nelson's Farewell party!  I am sure she is a great missionary.

Eden Bay Maxfield's Blessing

Whitney's Baby Shower

Makenzie's Amazing Drill Show Case

Florida- Spring Break

Yes we travel in matching sweats, and yes we got a lot of stares, but nothing beats being called skittles.
Getting pulled over and missing our flight, coming back to the airport to be put on and taken off a broken plane.  Rerouting our trip, having a genius for a dad, helping us get a red eye in first class to Florida.  Spending 24 hours in an airport!  The vacation was worth it!

5 star hotel!

Our Hotel was in St. Petersburg it was so beautiful.

Speed show at our hotel

Kayaking, and seeing manatees.

Freezing in the movie theater( thank you napkins!)

Busch Gardens= amazing roller coaster rides, safaris, gardens, and shows!

Feeding the giraffes!  It was amazing and sunny!

Bike Ride around million dollar homes! Beautiful.

Making Matching sweatshirts.

Golfing with the fam.

Mother's Birthday mini-golfing

Easter Sunday!  I am grateful for my family, prayer, priesthood blessings, and or the atonement of Jesus Christ!  I am so glad that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have the blessings of the gospel in my life!