July 20, 2012


My sister Megan is having a baby boy!  I am so excited for her and Craig.  They are going to be great parents, and I can't wait to see their little boy.  We had two showers for her.  I sure do love baby showers, there is nothing better than looking at little baby boy clothing. Thanks Nelson and Maxfield sisters the showers were amazing. 

Fruit Pizza Bar

Favors= Homemade cupcakes

Nelson Sisters

Erica Timboe is a girl I met in Gamma.  She is getting married in the Bountiful Temple and I couldn't be more happy for her.  Kelsi put on a delicious shower and I loved talking to Erica and the gamma girls for a while. I love chatting with the gamma girls and catching up with one another. 

Congrats Erica!

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